Phinyovanich is a family business which is the organizer of the annual tradition “Gin Kao Kam” in Nakhonratchasima province, Thailand. We have realized the importance of selecting appropriate materials that are friendly to the environment. With our unique machine building know-how and the availability of the Areca Nut Palm, we are able to produce eco-friendly plates in different forms and sizes. The plates have a high endurance, are bio-degradable and hygienic.
Our success is based on high level of quality, innovative research and development, local social communities and environmental responsibility.
For more than 20 years, we put every minute of our knowledge and experience for you. We are the first producer of plates made from the Areca Nut palm in Thailand. Our products sold under the brand “Veesara” – 100% natural plates that you can trust.


Why Veerasa plate?